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This is part two of the “World’s Greatest Survival Vest” In part two, the concept of Urban Survival is highlighted. As a prepping/survival instructor, I teach both Urban Survival and Bugging Out.

Let me help you face reality by exposing the secrets, myths, and truth about Urban Survival.

One of the difficulties of Urban Survival is trying not to draw too much attention. Ideally you don’t want to be seen. The current myth is to be a “gray man” and blend in. In reality, depending on the scenario, blending in could be practically impossible.

In the worse case scenario, being an Urban Survivalist is not as easy as many preppers and instructors want you to believe. Urban Survival is a challenge that will take extraordinary skills.

Some well known gun instructors in South Florida have jumped on the Urban Survival bandwagon. For the most part they are pretty much idiots. Unfortunately, I know them and they are pretty pathetic, but they are a fortune for their classes and are raking in the dough.  The saddest part is that there are a few people who come from out of state to hear his hype.  Although he claims to have inside government secrets and military expertise, he is little more than a  blowhard.  Not the best shooter either.

The point of warning you about various instructor is to help you hang

on to your wallet, and to start engaging common sense.

One of my missions when I teach prepping/survival is to help individual face reality by expose the secrets, myths, and truth about Urban Survival.

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The Coleman MAX is a great

daypack and hydtration system at a value price. With 2,200 cubic inches it can hold a lot of gear for a day out on the trail. It also includes a hydration system that actually works. It’s another Walmart good deal. I give this pack a thumbs up for usefulness and value. (ipad users can view video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvvCqZK9gi8

The pack is also excellent for urban use without drawing undue attention. Of course it’s not a

BOB for most preppers due to its small size and lack of full support and hip belt. It’s not intended for heavy loads or long trips

The pack is great for short hikes, day excursions, and perhaps a night or two of camping in fair weather. Bottom line, its a great little daypack at a value price.

In the near futureI hope to review and make a video on BOBs bug out bags and bugging out.

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See the world’s smallest Bug Out Bag. When you need to bug out fast, and have a quick get away, this bag will do the trick. This BOB is filled with the items you need to survive a domestic disaster.

Hey guys, this video also contains some great advice on relationships – check it out.

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