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It’s time for gun owners to take a STAND and FIGHT for their rights. There are over 90 million gun owners in America and only a small percentage are members of the NRA. If we don’t start standing up for our 2nd Amendment Rights they will be stripped from us. (ipad users:

To keep our Second Amendment Rights we need to be proactive, we need to take a stand and we need to FIGHT. One of the best ways of fighting is to support organizations like the NRA that have lawyers and lobbyists who are aggressive in protecting our rights.

There are only a few organizations that are actively standing up and fighting for our Second Amendment Rights and they are the NRA and GOA (Gun Owners of America). I belong to both organizations and fully support them.

By supporting the NRA and the GOA you will help us viagra sans ordonnance retain our gun rights. Be Proactive. Take a STAND. And FIGHT. Join the NRA today.

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This is a video response to “The Hoss USMC” video “When they come for your guns.”
His video had some excellent advice for preppers and gun owners in the event of a gun grab. I created a response to supplement and add to the content and principles explained in his video. (ipad users can view the video here:

The bottom line is that you cannot defend a fixed location against superior firepower. My advice is to cache some of your weapons and supplies at various locations and be ready to evacuate your home or retreat and head to a bug out location where you have supplies, guns, and ammo cached. Live to fight another day.

There is a push for a global gun ban and many of our so called leaders in Washington are signing up for the gun ban. This ban will override our Constitution. It is imperative that all gun owner unite and join the NRA and GOA (Gun Owners of America). We need to make a stand and protect our 2nd Amendment Rights.

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Patriot Prepper

If you value your freedom, it is time to fight the New World Order. The most important thing you do is to make other aware of the plan to destroy our sovereignty and create a one world government. In the one world government system, the New World Order, we will become slaves. As patriots, you are called to fight and resist. Protect and defend the Constitution and keep America free.

God bless America. Long live the Republic.

Patriot Prepper
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“Proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER has been planned by the elite. Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today’s problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974 that are very similar to Ron Paul’s positions today. This is proof that there are plans in place by the elite to systemically disassemble US sovereignty.”

Robert Welch’s words as far back as 1958 are prophetic and descriptive of what is happening today. The elite international bankers have been busy. Their New World Order plans are marching ahead and are fast becoming a reality.

I have been tracking and doing battle with the New World Order for over 30 years. Year by year, we seem to lose ground and the international bankers gain more control over humanity. They have planned and orchestrated every boom and bust in the economy, stock market, and real estate since the inception of this country. Today they are busy manipulating countries around the world. Their plan is unfolding, just as Robert Welch predicted. 

If they succeed, America will lose its sovereignty, our Constitution, and our liberty. We will become global citizens, or more accurately: Global Slaves.

If you are a patriot, it is time to start fighting for liberty – time to put an end to the global tyranny these evil people are planning. It is time to stand up and take back our nation. 

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Patriot Prepper

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