Keep on Prepping

Here’s a video of me in the North Carolina mountains at my getaway house. This is not my survival retreat. (ipad users can view video at: youtube video

A thank you to all my subscribers who have been patient. Have been in the mountains camping, backpacking, practicing survival skills, shooting, and prepping.

I have not posted in over 5 months. This is a blog update for my subscribers to keep them informed. The North Carolina mountain house is just a fun getaway house and location – it is not my survival retreat.

My schedule have been hectic and blogging has not been a top priority, but I plan to do more. I have a lot of survival gear, firearms, knives, and other stuff to review. Also want to share survival, prepping, tactical defense skills, and other skills.

I appreciate your support and plan on doing more blogging. Thank You

Patriot Prepper

For many years, the message I have been telling everyone is to “keep on prepping.” There are several aspects to prepping, including getting yourself and your family ready for a SHTF situation. But there are other aspects as well.

What I have found over the span of 30 plus years of prepping is that you must never slack off. You must prep on a daily consistent basis. Don’t wait for the storm to draw near before you start prepping. Do it now. Keep on Prepping!

Preppers who prep at the calm points, before the storm, are able to get bargains. Those who hesitate, or wait, get stuck buying when a crisis has caused a spike in demand and price. Consistent preppers who prep an a daily basis as part of their lifestyle will come out ahead.

Another aspect of prepping that is encompassed in my “Keep on Prepping” philosophy and message is to help others along the way. Prepping is a way to help others become aware of a potential crises and to be ready. Preppers can also help others by teaching them prepper skills.

Today there are numerous preppers who are getting the message out and who are networking and promoting events to unite to create a cohesive community. I want to play a part in spreading the message, raising awareness, and teaching other to prep.

God bless everyone.
Patriot Prepper