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Hurricane Preparedness Food

In light of the tragedy in the South, I would like to emphasize the need to get prepared and stay prepared for natural or manmade disasters. I have lived through 3 major hurricanes. In South, Florida we are entering the hurricane season.

Many years the weather channels predict that the season will be very busy with storms. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong. One thing is certain, during the hurricane season there is always the possibility of a hurricane hitting South Florida. If we wait until one is heading in our direction, it just might be too late to prepare. Prepare early and be safe.

This video shows the food supply that I have dedicated to feeding myself and anyone else in need of food should a hurricane hit. The food you see in this video is designated for the hurricane season only. It is not for my bug out bag, bug out SUV, or my retreat.

There is obviously more food than I need for myself and another person to survive most hurricanes. However, there are always people who are unprepared. If I have extra food I will share it and feed those in need. Sharing does a soul good.

The message: be prepared and Keep on Prepping!

Your fellow prepper,
Patriot Prepper

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