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The shooting in Aurora, Colorado is extremely tragic. My prayers and heart goes out to the victims and their families.

To hopefully stop future mass shootings, I ask, where are the sheepdogs?

Sheepdogs are armed citizens willing to step up and help those in need. If sheepdogs were present, the incident in Colorado may have been minimized, and lives saved. When society learns that legislation limiting weapons or concealed carry is not the way to protect society. Criminals will always get guns.

The only way for Americans to be safe is for them to become responsible for their own self defense. Police cannot possibly be everywhere in order to prevent violent crime. Preventing a violent crime against your person is ultimately your responsibility. You need to become armed, obtain a concealed carry permit, learn to shoot, and become situationally aware.

We also need laws that help provide for self defense of one self as well as defending the innocent and weak. Defending those who are unable to defend themselves is what a sheepdog does. We need more sheepdogs. In every mass shooting in the last several years, a willing and armed sheepdog could have minimized the tragedy and held it in check.

Where are the sheepdogs?