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The Kershaw Tactical Package. Another great Walmart special holiday priced deal.

Kershaw has bundled a flashlight, tactical pen, and a knife into one hard to beat package for the holidays. As many of you know, I love Kershaw brand and use their knives on a daily basis, including EDC. Along with another defensive knife, a Kershaw travels with me at all times. It is hard to beat their quality at their price point.

Kershaw makes great knives along with its ZT Zero Tolerance line. I love both brands and use them as defensive everyday carry.

This package is hard to beat and I highly recommend that you take a look at it and scoop one up.

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There has been a little confusion over what Survival Nutrition is. It is not vegetarianism, or anti meat. It is an advanced nutritional program, designed to sustain life and health under extreme conditions like Teotwawki.

It you are a real prepper, and you preparing for, and want to survival Teotwawki then you need to view Survival Nutrition with an open mind.

Several times a year I go on a 5 day survival expedition with minimal gear and no food. If you are interested, I will offer a Survival Challenge and try to organize a meet up where you can join me and attempt to live under harsh conditions with minimal gear and not food for 5 days.

As a martial arts instructor and a 5 th degree Black Belt, discipline is vital to a persons ability to defend themselves. A great way to develop discipline is to overcome the hunger reflex. Let me help you gain mental, physical, and spiritual discipline. Join me for the Survival Challenge.

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