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This video is an accuracy update on my Savage model 10 FCP .308 Winchester. The Savage rifle is one of the most accurate guns, out of the box, in its price range. It is an amazingly accurate factory gun that rivals or beat the competition including many custom guns. For ipad users click


I was at the range viagra generique forum indien shooting last weekend, October 6&7, 2012 shooting 100 and 200 yards, using 3 different lots of ammo and had no intention of doing a video on accuracy. I have also shot better groups in the past. It was less than ideal conditions. And yet, the Savage preformed admirably. Its quite a gun.

Without the use of a front rest, I was able to shoot 1/4 MOA and 1/2 inch groups at 200 yards. That’s pretty good considering I am not that good of a shot. It just proves that viagra sans ordonnance the Savage is an amazing gun.

Keep in mind that the model 10 fcp is not their competitive bench rest gun. Their F class and target guns should shoot much better. All I can say is Savage delivers.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive gun with exceptional accuracy, I can whole heartily recommend the Savage 10 FCP in .308 Winchester. It is a great gun and a great value.

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