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“Are You Ready to Bug Out” is a song I put together. It’s a reminder to get it together before the SHTF. The song is interlaced with scenes from a Tea Party march and some photos of Patriot Prepper. In light of the current White House

scandal, the reality of a government that lies to citizens and attempts to cover it up should be a wake up call. The scandalous actions of the IRS are proof that they cannot be trusted to run a health care system. (ipad users can view video – youtube

This video is intended to be entertaining and taken lightly, but also to meant to be sure you are diligent, watchful, and ready to stand by your Country. The video is also intended to be a reminder to be ready to bug out if the SHTF. So Keep on Prepping.

All citizens who want to remain free and not become subjects to a tyrannical government need to study history and the lessons given by our founding fathers. Those who love America need to unite and continuously fight for our freedom. God Bless America – Long Live the Republic.

Words and Music by Patriot Prepper
Vocals by Patriot Prepper
All stills and video shot by Patriot Prepper