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As a prepper with over

35 years of intensive experience, I enjoy meeting new people and giving them insight into the reality of prepping and how to survive cataclysmic and long-term, protracted disasters.

In recent years, in part due https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/generique-viagra/ to an incompetent White House administration and a failing economy, there has been a sharp increase in learning how to prepare for many believe will be a SHTF (shit hit the fan) situation.

With this increased interest in prepping has come a plethora of information, and misinformation, regarding the topic of prepping and survival. My job is to help straighten out the mess and give people sound information. I have done this through video, live seminars, training other preppers to become instructors, and private consultations. I am a professional prepper and will work under

legal contractual agreement.

My specialties include designing and building Gen 4 Survival Retreats, retreat security, advanced bug out strategies, long-term food storage, water procurement, energy production, self defense strategies, and more.

I will be speaking and holding seminars across the nation this summer including stops in major cities in Florida. If you want to meet new preppers and survivalists, and learn more about prepping, I recommend that you can join our meetup group.

Go to www.meetup.com/patriot-prepper-prepper-college

When preppers get together, its inevitable that they will engage in the “bugging out” conversation. This entails discussions of bug out bags, bug out gear, bug out strategies and tactics, bug out vehicles, and bug out locations.

These conversations can be pretty interesting and enlightening. The conversations can also be frustrating for some beginning preppers who start to realize how https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-online/ much they

still have to do. The amount of preparation that is needed to bug out can be daunting. In fact, many preppers freak out and start thinking they will simply bug in or shelter in place and choose to be urban survivalists.

Bugging in or sheltering in place can be an acceptable option, and for some people their only option. But giving up on a bug out plan and strategy should not be your reason for choosing to bug in. Bugging out has some real advantages over bugging in, or urban survival. So before you decide to bug in or bug out, you really need to learn a great deal more.

My own strategy is to bug out, but I have also become an expert at bugging in. Depending on circumstances, I will have the skill sets and supplies to stay or go – to bug in or bug out. And that is the option that I teach. Be able to do both.

Since this is a forum on bugging out, I will give you some insights into what you need to know and start posting more material on the subject. But keep in mind, reading about it and not acting is worthless. Having a road map in your car will not transport you to your destination. You need to take action by starting the car and driving towards the destination. The same with prepping and bugging out, information is the beginning step. Then you need to start applying the information.

When I teach classes, I start by sharing information. Then I move into the hands on part of a course, where you actually have a chance to apply the knowledge. This method I use for self defense and firearm training, survival training, and prepper training. Knowledge and practice are what develop a skill set.

So if you are a beginning prepper, do not be frustrated. Learning how to do anything including bugging out is a simple step by step process. Like eating an elephant, you do it one bite at a time.

Patriot Prepper AKA Paul Barrett
copyright 2015

See the world’s smallest Bug Out Bag. When you need to bug out fast, and have a quick get away, this bag will do the trick. This BOB is filled with the items you need to survive a domestic disaster.

Hey guys, this video also contains some great advice on relationships – check it out.

Your fellow prepper,
Patriot Prepper

In practically every survival or prepping forum there is a post asking questions like what is your favorite survival items, or in this case what are your “Top Three Items for Survival?” I recently answered a similar question in a forum, this is essentially what I wrote.

Hope I never get stuck with only three items. But if I did, they would be as follows.

1. A quality knife. I have many so different survival knives, it would be hard to pick just one. At all times, I have multiple knives on my person and BOB. 

A knife is my number one choice survival tool. It can be used for self defense, shelter building, as well as skinning and cleaning fish and game. (Illustrated above is the Cold Steel Recon Scout. The Recon Scout is a basic survival knife of acceptable quality and price value.)

2. Metal water carrier. I would need something to carry water and to boil it for drinking. Without water we don’t get do far!!!

This is a Guyot Designs Stainless Steel Water Bottle – The Backpacker. It is heavy duty and once the top is removed can be used to boil and carry water. 

3. Fire starter. I carry about 4 or 5 different types of fire starting methods and materials. A blast match or quality magnesium stick would work fine. Fire is what distinguishes us from the monkeys (almost). Nice to have fire!!!!

The Blast Match from Ultimate Survival Technologies only weighs a few ounces.

Some of the features include:

  • Revolutionary one handed design – an advantage when injured
  • Sparks three times hotter than a standard match
  • Spring loaded rotating flint bar
  • Thousands of strikes
  • Use in all weather conditions, great for backpackers hunters snowmobilers and off road vehicles

The simple tools listed above could save a life. With them you have the potential to survive.

That obviously is a quick little post. But if you think about it, those three little items really could save your life. Of course you would also have to have the number one survival tool of all time. Hope you know what that is. Yes, it’s a well trained brain. 

A well trained and disciplined survivalist or prepper could take the 3 simple items listed above and save their life. They could survive!

Now many preppers are not survivalists in the sense of practicing primitive survival skills. In many ways, preppers actually attempt to prepare for events so that they do not have to rely on primitive survival skills. But what if you become separated from your retreat location, or you can’t reach your BOB – bug out bag?  I believe you would be wishing  you had practiced some of those primitive skills that you may have neglected. 

I also realize that in our modern nanny state, passive society, even carrying a medium or small survival knife, a metal water carrier, and a fire starter is not an easy task. Yet, if we are to survive long enough to get to our cache or retreat, we just may need to find ways to carry some of the basic necessities without carrying a full blown BOB. 

I personally carry almost everything I need to get myself to where I need to be if the SHTF should happen, including a firearm. It’s not always easy, but in time you will develop the means and creative measures needed to insure your preparedness and safety. Whether a Maxpedition Verispak, small student backpack, or simply carrying the items on your body, you should have with you the tools you need in order to get to another location. 

Along with have the tools you need to survive, you also need the skills. Don’t be a list maker with out buying the tools. In the same vein, don’t just buy the tools you need without learning how to use them. Be prepared, be safe!

Patriot Prepper
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