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The wealth and prosperity of our Country is rapidly declining at an alarming rate.  The policies of those in government has driven America compare viagra cialis levitra side effects deep into debt. We have also lost our manufacturing capabilities.  The majority of our products are produced in China.

As the US declines, China is rising. China has now surpassed the US as the strongest economy.  We are in serious trouble.

It is unfortunate that much of the younger generation does not understand the extent to which our nation has declined in prosperity.  In the golden age, a working husband was able to supply enough money to purchase a new home, a new car, food on the table, clothing, entertainment, and have enough to put money in the bank.  Over a period of time, it required both the husband and the wife to work. But they were still relatively prosperous. The slow decline in prosperity, however, continued.  Today, it takes both the husband’s and wife’s income just to make ends meet.  They are also often working harder, longer hours, and sometimes two jobs.

Even with two incomes, many are unable to pay the bills. As a result, millions of America’s have lost their homes.  As the decline continues, it will be impossible to make ends meet.  We will all become slaves to the elite, international bankers.  American citizens have become chattel property.  The decline in prosperity has also put a heavy debt burden on every American man, women, and child.  Eventually we will lose all our prosperity along with our freedom and liberty.

Once they collapse the United States and totally destroy our  Constitution, they will create their global one world government.  Unless we resist, we will all be sucked up into their international empire as lowly slaves – if they allow us to live.

Many are hoping that a new President will save America.  It is good to be hopeful, but I would not hold my breath.  I recommend that you keep on prepping.  Buy the equipment, gear, supplies, and other items you need in order to survive.  It is also a good time to keep honing your survival skills.

As a self defense and firearm instructor, I also recommend that you start training more seriously.  It is hard to imagine, but a radical extremist attacked several women at their place of employment and decapitated one of them.  How could this happen in America?  And obama wants to disarm us.

Keep training and learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones, lives may depend on it.

Unless something is done our Nation will be doomed. Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worse.

Patriot Prepper

The Savage Axis is a decent gun out of the box, so what’s the deal?

Turn your Savage Axis into a sub-minute competition match rifle for a few hundred bucks and some gunsmith skills. This ability to customize the Axis is turning the rifle into a cult classic. And hundreds of people are joining the club.

The key to the Savage Axis is quality. The receiver it top shelf for the money. It’s incredibly inexpensive. Add a barrel, build a stock, and tweak the trigger and you have a competition gun. Well maybe there’s a little more to it than that. But in real terms, the Savage is a relatively easy gun to work on.

Nutnfancy did a review on the Savage Axis Rifle. I wrote a comment that a friend of mine customized the Axis and turned them into match grade rifles. Well here’s a video of 4 different Axis rifles customized.

Most of the rifles were purchased at Walmart for under $300 and customized for a few hundred dollars in parts. For a total cost of between $400 and $500 including the price of the rifle.

Keep On Prepping
Patriot Prepper

For many years, the message I have been telling everyone is to “keep on prepping.” There are several aspects to prepping, including getting yourself and your family ready for a SHTF situation. But there are other aspects as well.

What I have found over the span of 30 plus years of prepping is that you must never slack off. You must prep on a daily consistent basis. Don’t wait for the storm to draw near before you start prepping. Do it now. Keep on Prepping!

Preppers who prep at the calm points, before the storm, are able to get bargains. Those who hesitate, or wait, get stuck buying when a crisis has caused a spike in demand and price. Consistent preppers who prep an a daily basis as part of their lifestyle will come out ahead.

Another aspect of prepping that is encompassed in my “Keep on Prepping” philosophy and message is to help others along the way. Prepping is a way to help others become aware of a potential crises and to be ready. Preppers can also help others by teaching them prepper skills.

Today there are numerous preppers who are getting the message out and who are networking and promoting events to unite to create a cohesive community. I want to play a part in spreading the message, raising awareness, and teaching other to prep.

God bless everyone.
Patriot Prepper