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Get health now, today, before the SHTF. In this video, you will see a small segment of Patriot Prepper’s Survival Nutrition Program. It is suggested that you view this video with an open mind, it could save your life.

The Survival Nutrition Program developed by Patriot Prepper is an advanced and superior nutrition program that will actually improve your health and your chances of survival.

Although the complete program is an improvement in prepping nutrition, you do not have to completely replace your existing food supplies or change your way of eating. The program can complement or be an adjunct to your existing nutritional plan.

More information will be given in future videos.

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I have used almost every natural health method known. In this video I share natural health information deemed to protect against radiation exposure. You will see information taken from several sources, including MacroBiotics. and Ann Wigmore.

MacroBiotic was used after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima to treat severe cases of radiation poisoning. I have also included principles from raw food programs, including the use of wheat grass.

The principles in this video, combine the strong points of several powerful programs. I believe they have the power to provide protection against radiation exposure.

I have relied on natural health methods to stay healthy for over 35 years. During that time I have not used a doctor, do not take any prescription drugs, no over the counter remedies. I have no illness or diseases.

Before using these programs, please consult your health care professional.

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