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The Savage Axis is a decent gun out of the box, so what’s the deal?

Turn your Savage Axis into a sub-minute competition match rifle for a few hundred bucks and some gunsmith skills. This ability to customize the Axis is turning the rifle into a cult classic. And hundreds of people are joining the club.

The key to the Savage Axis is quality. The receiver it top shelf for the money. It’s incredibly inexpensive. Add a barrel, build a stock, and tweak the trigger and you have a competition gun. Well maybe there’s a little more to it than that. But in real terms, the Savage is a relatively easy gun to work on.

Nutnfancy did a review on the Savage Axis Rifle. I wrote a comment that a friend of mine customized the Axis and turned them into match grade rifles. Well here’s a video of 4 different Axis rifles customized.

Most of the rifles were purchased at Walmart for under $300 and customized for a few hundred dollars in parts. For a total cost of between $400 and $500 including the price of the rifle.

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