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The Savage 10 FP LE .308 is an accurate gun – right out of the box!

That’s right, the Savage is extremely accurate for the money, and depending on circumstances could hold its own against much more expensive rifles. I am not great shooter, but I was able to get a 3 round group of less than 1/2 inch at 200 yards. That is amazing for an out of the box, relatively inexpensive gun.

There are several configurations of the Savage 10 FCP LE that offer several stocks, including the McMillian stock which did cost a little more. Unlike the HS Precision, the McMillian would require additional bedding. The 10FP series rifles are configured with the adjustable AccuTrigger, matte-blued barreled action, heavy free-floating and button-rifled barrel, an oversized bolt handle, internal box magazine (holding 4 rounds), and three swivel studs for sling and bipod mounting.

The heavy 20″ to 26″ is a free floated barrel which also has a recessed muzzel crown. An undamaged crown is critical for accuracy. A chipped, scratched or nicked crown allows gases to push the bullet slightly off target, significantly destroying accuracy. The rifling rate of twist is: 1 in 10″

The Savage FCP LE rifles are stocked with traditional shaped polymer stocks that have dual-pillar bedding and a third sling stud for mounting a bipod. Stocks that are options include:

* Choate designed by Major John Plastner, author of the “Ultimate Sniper” – The stock is a synthetic material with Dragunov-like skeleton butt, pistol grip, wide forearm, an adjustable cheekpad and buttplate.
* Choate “Folding” – Similar to the “Ultimate Sniper” stock except the stock folds.
* Choate “Tactical” – Synthetic material with adjustable cheek rest.
* McMillan fiberglass stocks.
* HS Precision stocks

The Savage 10 FP is a sniper/tactical rifle that shoots sub-MOA out of the box if you use match ammunition.

The tolerances on this gun are tight and the receiver and bolt are specifically manufactured (with matching serial numbers) for each other and are NOT interchangeable with other Savage FP rifles. The tight tolerance help the rifle’s accuracy from being affected by heat, moisture, and vibration.

I would not hesitate to recommend this gun to anyone, especially if you are on a budget. Of course, if you have an unlimited budget, are as rich as the FBI, and you can use taxpayer money, then go for the high priced gun. (Dear FBI please do not be PO at me, I am just a lowly little old prepper).

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Patriot Prepper
Keep on Prepping

In this video I introduce myself to the prepping community. I have been prepping for over thirty years and want to help other preppers get squared away.

We are facing very difficult times and if we do not pull together as Americans and return to Constitutional principles our nation may not survive.

As the economy keeps sinking into a deeper recession it is important to start prepping. Our nation is practically bankrupt from government taxing and overspending, the manipulation of our money supply by the FED, and the burden of taxes and legal regulations. We must fight for America and turn back the tide of destruction. We must keep on Prepping!

Patriot Prepper
Keep on Prepping