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The wealth and prosperity of our Country is rapidly declining at an alarming rate.  The policies of those in government has driven America compare viagra cialis levitra side effects deep into debt. We have also lost our manufacturing capabilities.  The majority of our products are produced in China.

As the US declines, China is rising. China has now surpassed the US as the strongest economy.  We are in serious trouble.

It is unfortunate that much of the younger generation does not understand the extent to which our nation has declined in prosperity.  In the golden age, a working husband was able to supply enough money to purchase a new home, a new car, food on the table, clothing, entertainment, and have enough to put money in the bank.  Over a period of time, it required both the husband and the wife to work. But they were still relatively prosperous. The slow decline in prosperity, however, continued.  Today, it takes both the husband’s and wife’s income just to make ends meet.  They are also often working harder, longer hours, and sometimes two jobs.

Even with two incomes, many are unable to pay the bills. As a result, millions of America’s have lost their homes.  As the decline continues, it will be impossible to make ends meet.  We will all become slaves to the elite, international bankers.  American citizens have become chattel property.  The decline in prosperity has also put a heavy debt burden on every American man, women, and child.  Eventually we will lose all our prosperity along with our freedom and liberty.

Once they collapse the United States and totally destroy our  Constitution, they will create their global one world government.  Unless we resist, we will all be sucked up into their international empire as lowly slaves – if they allow us to live.

Many are hoping that a new President will save America.  It is good to be hopeful, but I would not hold my breath.  I recommend that you keep on prepping.  Buy the equipment, gear, supplies, and other items you need in order to survive.  It is also a good time to keep honing your survival skills.

As a self defense and firearm instructor, I also recommend that you start training more seriously.  It is hard to imagine, but a radical extremist attacked several women at their place of employment and decapitated one of them.  How could this happen in America?  And obama wants to disarm us.

Keep training and learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones, lives may depend on it.

Unless something is done our Nation will be doomed. Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worse.

Patriot Prepper

This is a review of the Kershaw Cyclone with a comparison to the SOG Aegis. Both are excellent knives. One of the lessons in this review is to be sure the knife meets your needs. I have carried the Kershaw Cyclone for many years and really love the knife it is comfortable and it is a high quality

knife for its price range. Because knives are very personal items the comparison between the Kershaw Cyclone and the SOG Aegis is only a highlight of the differences and features, and my opinion on which suits me best. (ipad users can view video here:

I rate the Kershaw Cyclone higher than the SOG Aegis on areas of ergonomics, blade steel, lockup, and more. While both are great knives and the SOG has the cool factor, I believe the Kershaw Cyclone is a better knife. But that is my opinion and experience. Your opinion may be quite different. I rate the SOG Aegis 7.5 out of 10 points and the Kershaw Cyclone 8 out of 10 points.

The rating is base on the ability of the knife to fulfill a particular mission as well as quality and features. As state both are excellent knives.

God Bless
Keep on Prepping
Patriot Prepper

This video is an accuracy update on my Savage model 10 FCP .308 Winchester. The Savage rifle is one of the most accurate guns, out of the box, in its price range. It is an amazingly accurate factory gun that rivals or beat the competition including many custom guns. For ipad users click


I was at the range viagra generique forum indien shooting last weekend, October 6&7, 2012 shooting 100 and 200 yards, using 3 different lots of ammo and had no intention of doing a video on accuracy. I have also shot better groups in the past. It was less than ideal conditions. And yet, the Savage preformed admirably. Its quite a gun.

Without the use of a front rest, I was able to shoot 1/4 MOA and 1/2 inch groups at 200 yards. That’s pretty good considering I am not that good of a shot. It just proves that viagra sans ordonnance the Savage is an amazing gun.

Keep in mind that the model 10 fcp is not their competitive bench rest gun. Their F class and target guns should shoot much better. All I can say is Savage delivers.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive gun with exceptional accuracy, I can whole heartily recommend the Savage 10 FCP in .308 Winchester. It is a great gun and a great value.

God Bless America,
Patriot Prepper
Keep on Prepping

ipad users can view the video at:

Smith & Wesson Knife is acknowledged as one of the greatest gun makers in the world. But how do Smith & Wesson knives stack up when compared to other blades? In this in-depth review, Patriot Prepper gives you the low down on S & W knives.

Patriot Prepper owns over 30 Smith and Wesson knives and has used some of them on a daily basis. With the low cost of their knives, it is possible to have multiple blades to place in bug out bags, vehicles, your home, and your retreat.

Smith & Wesson knives are designed for tactical use, but are highly usable in a utility role. In the personal opinion of Patriot Prepper, the quality of S & W knives are not on par with S & W guns. They are very good knives but not exceptional.

The designs are pleasing, the features very good, but consistency

in the quality control leave the knives lacking when it compares to S & W greatness. With a little effort, the blades could be tweaked by S & W into a high end competitive blade. But what the heck, S & W blades are priced RIGHT!

In there niche, S & W seem to own the market, with few competitors competing in their price bracket with all the ruggedness and features of their knives. This of course could be disputed.

All and all, the knives in this review can be rated overall between 6 and 7 points on a 10 scale. They are very good knives.

On a price/value ratio, the knives rate higher, due to their low cost. For value, the knives are rated 9 on average.

Patriot Prepper loves S & W knives and believe they could fulfill the needs of a prepper who is on a budget. They are rugged, durable, and will perform when needed.

God Bless
Keep on Prepping
Patriot Prepper

The shooting in Aurora, Colorado is extremely tragic. My prayers and heart goes out to the victims and their families.

To hopefully stop future mass shootings, I ask, where are the sheepdogs?

Sheepdogs are armed citizens willing to step up and help those in need. If sheepdogs were present, the incident in Colorado may have been minimized, and lives saved. When society learns that legislation limiting weapons or concealed carry is not the way to protect society. Criminals will always get guns.

The only way for Americans to be safe is for them to become responsible for their own self defense. Police cannot possibly be everywhere in order to prevent violent crime. Preventing a violent crime against your person is ultimately your responsibility. You need to become armed, obtain a concealed carry permit, learn to shoot, and become situationally aware.

We also need laws that help provide for self defense of one self as well as defending the innocent and weak. Defending those who are unable to defend themselves is what a sheepdog does. We need more sheepdogs. In every mass shooting in the last several years, a willing and armed sheepdog could have minimized the tragedy and held it in check.

Where are the sheepdogs?

Extreme Combat Hapkido is an elite modern marital art that includes hand to hand combat, knife skills, combat handgun, combat shotgun, and combat carbine. It is a complete art based on traditional Hapkido.

The roots the Korean art of Hapkido are derived from Aikido. The most famous of Aikido practitioners is Steve Segal. The joint locks and joint breaks you see in Segal’s movies are the same as taught in Hapkido.

I had my own martial arts school and developed an taught Extreme Combat Hapkido to advanced students who had black belts.

It is difficult for preppers without marital arts to learn an art from scratch and there may not be time to become skillful at martial arts. Also martial arts have a limited use in a TEOTWAWKI situation. I will however teach you some basics that could save your life. I believe the basics are critical skills for preppers to learn.

I will also try to help you develop a fighting or warrior spirit – the Sword of David. It is important to become strong and to never surrender.

God bless you.
Patriot Prepper
Keep on Prepping

For many years, the message I have been telling everyone is to “keep on prepping.” There are several aspects to prepping, including getting yourself and your family ready for a SHTF situation. But there are other aspects as well.

What I have found over the span of 30 plus years of prepping is that you must never slack off. You must prep on a daily consistent basis. Don’t wait for the storm to draw near before you start prepping. Do it now. Keep on Prepping!

Preppers who prep at the calm points, before the storm, are able to get bargains. Those who hesitate, or wait, get stuck buying when a crisis has caused a spike in demand and price. Consistent preppers who prep an a daily basis as part of their lifestyle will come out ahead.

Another aspect of prepping that is encompassed in my “Keep on Prepping” philosophy and message is to help others along the way. Prepping is a way to help others become aware of a potential crises and to be ready. Preppers can also help others by teaching them prepper skills.

Today there are numerous preppers who are getting the message out and who are networking and promoting events to unite to create a cohesive community. I want to play a part in spreading the message, raising awareness, and teaching other to prep.

God bless everyone.
Patriot Prepper

Welcome to the Patriot Prepper blog. Our mission is help you prepare for a disaster situation often referred to as SHTF, WROL, or TEOTWAWKI.

Stay tuned and we will be adding more information to our posts. We will also be adding video posts. Thank you!

Patriot Prepper