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Video Published on Oct 13, 2012

Sometimes I get tired of the negativity around me. There are plenty of people in the world, on forums, and youtube, who are impossibility thinkers. To them, if they can’t do it, they think it’s impossible. Well I’m a possibility thinker. I do what I set out to do and don’t let things deter me. I encourage preppers to think positive.

Along with thinking positive and being a possibility thinker, I try to be thankful and grateful in all circumstances.

Survival is more of an attitude than a collection of gear and equipment. I have designed and build elaborate survival retreats. However, if the individuals do not train, have negative attitudes, they will not survive.

With the right mind set, the right attitude, you can and will survive.

God bless you,
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Here’s a video of me in the North Carolina mountains at my getaway house. This is not my survival retreat. (ipad users can view video at: youtube video

A thank you to all my subscribers who have been patient. Have been in the mountains camping, backpacking, practicing survival skills, shooting, and prepping.

I have not posted in over 5 months. This is a blog update for my subscribers to keep them informed. The North Carolina mountain house is just a fun getaway house and location – it is not my survival retreat.

My schedule have been hectic and blogging has not been a top priority, but I plan to do more. I have a lot of survival gear, firearms, knives, and other stuff to review. Also want to share survival, prepping, tactical defense skills, and other skills.

I appreciate your support and plan on doing more blogging. Thank You

Patriot Prepper

The mudjam is a great place to view and inquire about the details of building a bug out vehicle capable of operating effectively off road. There were so many potential bug out vehicle BOV concepts that it boggles the mind. If you are a prepper, you certainly can see the potential capabilities that these vehicles have. You are also aware of the need for a bug out vehicle.

The Saint Lucie Mudjam 2013 is located in Saint Lucie County, Florida. It is a 3 day event held on 500 acres. The event featured mud racing, mud bogs, music, camping, bonfires, and a great time for everyone. The girls got a little “wild” at night.

This is a great place to view and inquire about the details of building a bug out vehicle capable of operating effectively off road.

Because I messed up and ran my batteries down, I only video taped part of the races, and a few vehicles in the parking area. I did not shoot the Mud Bogs, music, bonfire and other wild events. Hope you enjoy the vid and hope to see you there next time.

Patriot Prepper
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The Zero Tolerance 300 ST is an exceptional knife. It’s extremely rugged and reliable. The ZT is razor sharp and as as tough as a tank. This knife lives up to the ZT goal of “Zero Tolerance in design, Zero Tolerance in function and Zero Tolerance in performance.” It is a beautiful knife that performs exemplary in its role of a combat/prepper knife. (ipad users can view video here:

The Zero Tolerance 300 ST is quite capable of fulfilling multiple roles of a combat, survival, and utility blade. This knife is suitable for active military personal, law enforcement, and fire fighters. It is also a great knife for preppers. Bottom line, this knife is reliable and capable.

The ZT is a relatively large knife with a 3.75 inch blade and weighs in at 8 ounces. It is not for whimps.

I have owned this knife for over 8 months and have also used it as a concealed carry defensive blade. The ZT has not failed or disappointed me in any way. I personally love the knife and am completely satisfied with the purchase, even though I paid top dollar. It was love at first sight, and I just had to have it. I could have saved money if I would have shopped around.

I give the Zero Tolerance 300 St an overall value rating of 10 out of ten points.

Thank you for watching.

God Bless You.
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The Coleman MAX is a great daypack and hydtration system at a value price. With 2,200 cubic inches it can hold a lot of gear for a day out on the trail. It also includes a hydration system that actually works. It’s another Walmart good deal. I give this pack a thumbs up for usefulness and value. (ipad users can view video at:

The pack is also excellent for urban use without drawing undue attention. Of course it’s not a BOB for most preppers due to its small size and lack of full support and hip belt. It’s not intended for heavy loads or long trips

The pack is great for short hikes, day excursions, and perhaps a night or two of camping in fair weather. Bottom line, its a great little daypack at a value price.

In the near futureI hope to review and make a video on BOBs bug out bags and bugging out.

God Bless You
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I love the KA-BAR and have owned a small collection of them as a small kid. They are great knives. In fact, the KA-BAR is a standard of excellence by which I judge other survival defensive knives.

The KA-BAR is a proven knife that has been used in combat and survival situations since adopted by the United States Marine Corps in November 1942 as the 1219C2 combat knife (later designated the USMC Mark 2 combat knife or Fighting Utility Knife).

In my top 3 survival tools video, I compared the KA-BAR to other knives and choose the Cold Steel Recon Scout as the knife I would carry with me. This does not discredit the KA-BAR. I would very easily and successfully use a KA-BAR to fulfill any and all prepping needs. However, reality dictates that there are other and better knife choices for specific purposes and needs.

If your prepping budget does not allow for more expensive knives, consider the KA-BAR as your choice of blades. As stated it is proven. It is a knife that works. It is a knife that will not let you down. The Ka Bar is a great and classic knife.

ipad users, to view the video please go to:

God Bless You
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ipad users can view the video at:

Smith & Wesson Knife is acknowledged as one of the greatest gun makers in the world. But how do Smith & Wesson knives stack up when compared to other blades? In this in-depth review, Patriot Prepper gives you the low down on S & W knives.

Patriot Prepper owns over 30 Smith and Wesson knives and has used some of them on a daily basis. With the low cost of their knives, it is possible to have multiple blades to place in bug out bags, vehicles, your home, and your retreat.

Smith & Wesson knives are designed for tactical use, but are highly usable in a utility role. In the personal opinion of Patriot Prepper, the quality of S & W knives are not on par with S & W guns. They are very good knives but not exceptional.

The designs are pleasing, the features very good, but consistency in the quality control leave the knives lacking when it compares to S & W greatness. With a little effort, the blades could be tweaked by S & W into a high end competitive blade. But what the heck, S & W blades are priced RIGHT!

In there niche, S & W seem to own the market, with few competitors competing in their price bracket with all the ruggedness and features of their knives. This of course could be disputed.

All and all, the knives in this review can be rated overall between 6 and 7 points on a 10 scale. They are very good knives.

On a price/value ratio, the knives rate higher, due to their low cost. For value, the knives are rated 9 on average.

Patriot Prepper loves S & W knives and believe they could fulfill the needs of a prepper who is on a budget. They are rugged, durable, and will perform when needed.

God Bless
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Patriot Prepper

The Kershaw Tactical Package. Another great Walmart special holiday priced deal.

Kershaw has bundled a flashlight, tactical pen, and a knife into one hard to beat package for the holidays. As many of you know, I love Kershaw brand and use their knives on a daily basis, including EDC. Along with another defensive knife, a Kershaw travels with me at all times. It is hard to beat their quality at their price point.

Kershaw makes great knives along with its ZT Zero Tolerance line. I love both brands and use them as defensive everyday carry.

This package is hard to beat and I highly recommend that you take a look at it and scoop one up.

ipad users to view video –

God Bless You,
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In this video, I show how I use a machete both as a Chopping Tool and a Self Defense Weapon. Don’t bring a machete to a gun fight! This video is also a review of the Gerber Gator machete.

ipad viewers please use this link to view the video

A machete is essentially a jungle survival tool. It can also be employed as a self defense weapon. The saw back features of the Gerber may help extend the use of this tool beyond the tropics. Because it is an inexpensive tool, I recommend that all preppers own at least on machete. The Gerber would be a great choice. It’s an excellent quality tool.

Since moving to Florida about 18 years ago, I have extensive experience with a machete. It’s a tool that is used quit a bit in South Florida to keep plants from getting out of control. Even though I have experience with a machete, and can employ it as a weapon, I am not a machete expert. Who is?

The various features of a machete will determine its function and ability to double as an improvised weapon. Although the machete can improvise as a weapon, it is vastly out shadowed in that role by a good sword. One tip, don’t bring a Machete to a gun fight.

Patriot Prepper

Many preppers today seem to be obsessed with the idea of getting enough protein. Just a thought, but protein is usually not the most important nutrient for preppers. Protein is easy to store.

What’s more difficult is getting quality healthy fats. Contrary to popular opinion, your body needs fat – quality fat. Americans get too much junk fat, and that is unhealthy. Storing quality fat is a challenge. Eating skinless chicken breasts over a long period without getting enough fat causes a nutritional imbalance that could lead to damage to the brain and nervous system. Many quality fats go rancid quickly even when properly stored.

Also keep in mind that the majority of the word’s populations do not eat meat or much of it. Billions of people eat little or no meat. We are not carnivores and do not have a nutritional need for flesh foods.

Everyone in our retreat has learned how to live in an extremely high level of health without the use of meat products. We are not vegetarians but we can easily live without meat indefinitely.

I went without any meat products for over 7 years and for 2 of those years, only ate raw food. No meat, chicken, fish, eggs, or cheese, milk etc.

I am 60 years old and do not have health issues. I have not been to a doctor in over 35 years and do not take any prescription or over the counter drugs. Feel great and am full of energy.

I am only mentioning this because flesh products in the first several years are not the best strategy. I believe if there is a WROL or TEOTWAWKI situation, there will possibly be hoards of people trying to steal your food and supplies. Cooking and using fire gives off a scent and will attract those people.

Detoxifying your body and getting it to adapt to alternative protein sources is an easier prepper lifestyle. If law and order is eventually reestablished, you can then go back to cooking and eating flesh products. Today, I eat flesh products on a limited basis. When TSHTF I will go to a fleshless, meatless diet.

I have lived weeks at a time with high energy using nothing more than water and a handful of bee pollen or spirulina, etc. Training your body to overcome hunger can be a life preserving discipline. When people start changing their diets or restricting food intake, they will get negative reactions as toxins are released into the system. I have also live on nothing but pure water for several weeks and sustained a high energy level. Being able to do that in a survival situation could save your life. Most people get very bent out of shape when they go without food for a day or two.

i am only bringing this up, because many preppers have not really thought about this. Take control of your body, discipline yourself, and prepare for survival, by learning how to get super healthy, and live with less food while maintaining strength and energy. When you detoxify and train your body, and eat quality food, your metabolism becomes more efficient. Living without meat, just might save your life!