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North Carolina Mountain House – Blog Update

Here’s a video of me in the North Carolina mountains at my getaway house. This is not my survival retreat. (ipad users can view video at: youtube video A thank you to all my subscribers who have been patient. Have … Continue reading

MudJam 4×4 Four Wheel Drive – Bug Out Vehicles BOV

The mudjam is a great place to view and inquire about the details of building a bug out vehicle capable of operating effectively off road. There were so many potential bug out vehicle BOV concepts that it boggles the mind. … Continue reading

Zero Tolerance Combat Prepper Knife Review

The Zero Tolerance 300 ST is an exceptional knife. It’s extremely rugged and reliable. The ZT is razor sharp and as as tough as a tank. This knife lives up to the ZT goal of “Zero Tolerance in design, Zero … Continue reading

Coleman MAX – a Great Daypack and Hydration System

The Coleman MAX is a great daypack and hydtration system at a value price. With 2,200 cubic inches it can hold a lot of gear for a day out on the trail. It also includes a hydration system that actually … Continue reading

KA-BAR Fighting/Survival Knife the Standard of Excellence by Patriot Prepper

I love the KA-BAR and have owned a small collection of them as a small kid. They are great knives. In fact, the KA-BAR is a standard of excellence by which I judge other survival defensive knives. The KA-BAR is … Continue reading

Smith & Wesson Knife Review by Patriot Prepper

ipad users can view the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX5uEr319pw Smith & Wesson Knife is acknowledged as one of the greatest gun makers in the world. But how do Smith & Wesson knives stack up when compared to other blades? In this … Continue reading

Kershaw Tactical Package – Tactical Knife, Pen, Flashlight

The Kershaw Tactical Package. Another great Walmart special holiday priced deal. Kershaw has bundled a flashlight, tactical pen, and a knife into one hard to beat package for the holidays. As many of you know, I love Kershaw brand and … Continue reading

Using a MACHETE – Weapon and Chopping – Gerber Gator Review

In this video, I show how I use a machete both as a Chopping Tool and a Self Defense Weapon. Don’t bring a machete to a gun fight! This video is also a review of the Gerber Gator machete. ipad … Continue reading


Many preppers today seem to be obsessed with the idea of getting enough protein. Just a thought, but protein is usually not the most important nutrient for preppers. Protein is easy to store. What’s more difficult is getting quality healthy … Continue reading

Kershaw Crown Knife Review by Patriot Prepper

Kershaw knife review by Patriot Prepper Continue reading