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As a prepper with over

35 years of intensive experience, I enjoy meeting new people and giving them insight into the reality of prepping and how to survive cataclysmic and long-term, protracted disasters.

In recent years, in part due https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/generique-viagra/ to an incompetent White House administration and a failing economy, there has been a sharp increase in learning how to prepare for many believe will be a SHTF (shit hit the fan) situation.

With this increased interest in prepping has come a plethora of information, and misinformation, regarding the topic of prepping and survival. My job is to help straighten out the mess and give people sound information. I have done this through video, live seminars, training other preppers to become instructors, and private consultations. I am a professional prepper and will work under

legal contractual agreement.

My specialties include designing and building Gen 4 Survival Retreats, retreat security, advanced bug out strategies, long-term food storage, water procurement, energy production, self defense strategies, and more.

I will be speaking and holding seminars across the nation this summer including stops in major cities in Florida. If you want to meet new preppers and survivalists, and learn more about prepping, I recommend that you can join our meetup group.

Go to www.meetup.com/patriot-prepper-prepper-college

When preppers get together, its inevitable that they will engage in the “bugging out” conversation. This entails discussions of bug out bags, bug out gear, bug out strategies and tactics, bug out vehicles, and bug out locations.

These conversations can be pretty interesting and enlightening. The conversations can also be frustrating for some beginning preppers who start to realize how https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-online/ much they

still have to do. The amount of preparation that is needed to bug out can be daunting. In fact, many preppers freak out and start thinking they will simply bug in or shelter in place and choose to be urban survivalists.

Bugging in or sheltering in place can be an acceptable option, and for some people their only option. But giving up on a bug out plan and strategy should not be your reason for choosing to bug in. Bugging out has some real advantages over bugging in, or urban survival. So before you decide to bug in or bug out, you really need to learn a great deal more.

My own strategy is to bug out, but I have also become an expert at bugging in. Depending on circumstances, I will have the skill sets and supplies to stay or go – to bug in or bug out. And that is the option that I teach. Be able to do both.

Since this is a forum on bugging out, I will give you some insights into what you need to know and start posting more material on the subject. But keep in mind, reading about it and not acting is worthless. Having a road map in your car will not transport you to your destination. You need to take action by starting the car and driving towards the destination. The same with prepping and bugging out, information is the beginning step. Then you need to start applying the information.

When I teach classes, I start by sharing information. Then I move into the hands on part of a course, where you actually have a chance to apply the knowledge. This method I use for self defense and firearm training, survival training, and prepper training. Knowledge and practice are what develop a skill set.

So if you are a beginning prepper, do not be frustrated. Learning how to do anything including bugging out is a simple step by step process. Like eating an elephant, you do it one bite at a time.

Patriot Prepper AKA Paul Barrett
copyright 2015

ipad users can view the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX5uEr319pw

Smith & Wesson Knife is acknowledged https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/vente-viagra/ as one of the greatest gun makers in the world. But how do Smith & Wesson knives stack up when compared to other blades? In this in-depth review, Patriot Prepper gives you the low down on S & W knives.

Patriot Prepper owns over 30 Smith and Wesson knives and has used some of them on a daily basis. With the low cost of their knives, it is possible to have multiple blades to place in bug out bags, vehicles, your home, and your retreat.

Smith & Wesson knives are designed for tactical use, but are highly usable in a utility role. In the personal opinion of Patriot Prepper, the quality of S & W knives are not on par with S & W guns. They are very good knives but not exceptional.

The designs are pleasing, the features very good, but consistency

in the quality control leave the knives lacking when it compares to S & W greatness. With a little effort, the blades could be tweaked by S & W into a high end competitive blade. But what the heck, S & W blades are priced RIGHT!

In there niche, S & W seem to own the market, with few competitors competing in their price bracket with all the ruggedness and features of their knives. This of course could be disputed.

All and all, the knives in this review can be rated overall between 6 and 7 points on a 10 scale. They are very good knives.

On a price/value ratio, the knives rate higher, due to their low cost. For value, the knives are rated 9 on average.

Patriot Prepper loves S & W knives and believe they could fulfill the needs of a prepper who is on a budget. They are rugged, durable, and will perform when needed.

God Bless
Keep on Prepping
Patriot Prepper


In this video, I show how I use a machete both as a Chopping Tool and a Self Defense Weapon. Don’t bring a machete to a gun fight! This video is also a review of the Gerber Gator machete.

ipad viewers please use this link to view the video

A machete is essentially a jungle survival tool. It can also be employed as a self defense weapon. The saw back features of the Gerber may help extend the use of this tool beyond the tropics. Because it is an inexpensive tool, I recommend that all preppers own at least on machete. The Gerber would be a great choice. It’s an excellent quality tool.

Since moving to Florida about 18 years ago, I have extensive experience with a machete. It’s a tool that is used quit a bit in South Florida to keep plants from getting out of control. Even though I have experience with a machete, and can employ it as a weapon, I am not a machete expert. Who is?

The various features of a machete will determine its function and ability to double as an improvised weapon. Although the machete can improvise as a weapon, it is vastly out shadowed in that role by a good sword. One tip, don’t bring a Machete to a gun fight.

Patriot Prepper


Get health now, today, before the SHTF. In this video, you will see a small segment of Patriot Prepper’s Survival Nutrition Program. It is suggested that you view this video with an open mind, it could save your life.

The Survival Nutrition Program developed by Patriot Prepper is an advanced and superior nutrition program that will actually improve your health and your chances of survival.

Although the complete program is an improvement in prepping nutrition, you do not have to completely replace your existing food supplies or change your way of eating. The program can complement or be an adjunct to your existing nutritional plan.

More information will be given in future videos.

Patriot Prepper


In a TEOTWAWKI or WROL situation, defense will be key to your survival as a prepper. You will be targeted. They will come after you. Be ready, get your ducks in a row. Defense is key.

Is your retreat ready for defense? Are you prepared for a WROL or SHTF event? Can you defend yourself and your family?

Practice shooting, fire drills, harden your home, have escape routes, are just some of the things you must do.

To learn more about GEN 4 survival retreats


Many preppers today seem to be obsessed with the idea of getting enough protein. Just a thought, but protein is usually not the most important nutrient for preppers. Protein is easy to store.

What’s more difficult is getting quality healthy fats. Contrary to popular opinion, your body needs fat – quality fat. Americans get too much junk fat, and that is unhealthy. Storing quality fat is a challenge. Eating skinless chicken breasts over a long period without getting enough fat causes a nutritional imbalance that could lead to damage to the brain and nervous system. Many quality fats go rancid quickly even when properly stored.

Also keep in mind that the majority of the word’s populations do not eat meat or much of it. Billions of people eat little or no meat. We are not carnivores and do not have a nutritional need for flesh foods.

Everyone in our retreat has learned how to live in an extremely high level of health without the use of meat products. We are not vegetarians but we can easily live without meat indefinitely.

I went without any meat products for over 7 years and for 2 of those years, only ate raw food. No meat, chicken, fish, eggs, or cheese, milk etc.

I am 60 years old and do not have health issues. I have not been to a doctor in over 35 years and do not take any prescription or over the counter drugs. Feel great and am full of energy.

I am only mentioning this because flesh products in the first several years are not the best strategy. I believe if there is a WROL or TEOTWAWKI situation, there will possibly be hoards of people trying to steal your food and supplies. Cooking and using fire gives off a scent and will attract those people.

Detoxifying your body and getting it to adapt to alternative protein sources is an easier prepper lifestyle. If law and order is eventually reestablished, you can then go back to cooking and eating flesh products. Today, I eat flesh products on a limited basis. When TSHTF I will go to a fleshless, meatless diet.

I have lived weeks at a time with high energy using nothing more than water and a handful of bee pollen or spirulina, etc. Training your body to overcome hunger can be a life preserving discipline. When people start changing their diets or restricting food intake, they will get negative reactions as toxins are released into the system. I have also live on nothing but pure water for several weeks and sustained a high energy level. Being able to do that in a survival situation could save your life. Most people get very bent out of shape when they go without food for a day or two.

i am only bringing this up, because many preppers have not really thought about this. Take control of your body, discipline yourself, and prepare for survival, by learning how to get super healthy, and live with less food while maintaining strength and energy. When you detoxify and train your body, and eat quality food, your metabolism becomes more efficient. Living without meat, just might save your life!